duncan robertson

In the summer of 2015, myself and video artist Lucía Montero and commissioned six writers to develop original text inspired by a wild piece of land in East London – the Bethnal Green Nature Reserve.

The Voiced project took the form of a traditional artist residency, providing a space for writers to explore the cultural heritage of this part of East London through song and spoken text.

Commissioned writers include – Lucy Cash, David Nash, James Nixon, Stick In The Wheel and Sarah Westcott. Throughout the residency writers explored a variety of themes including the nature of soil, the interaction with seasons, botany, past and contemporary history.

The residency has resulted in a series of poems, prose and songs exploring the science and mythology of the site. This collection of works will be presented as an immersive five-part sound installation titled Voiced, embedded amongst the trees, undergrowth and ruins of the Reserve.

Exhibition dates: May 7th – September 3rd, 2016.

Times: Saturday 11am – 6pm

Location: Bethnal Green Nature Reserve, Middleton St, London, E2 9RR

What can you see? is a sound installation that begins with a question posed in various public spaces and uses recorded voicemail messages from the public as a basis to create a fictional space. I collect all recordings together and play back the audio to reveal the different perceptions and values people have about the area they're in.

Produced and recorded by Lucia Scazzocchio.


This is a Nomad Projects commision - supported by Arts Council England

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