duncan robertson

As an artist Duncan creates work in a range of media - installation, performance and sound recording. He works as a solo and collaborative artist, originally training in theatre and performance. 

He is interested in work which questions established modes of production in art; be that through the style of piece, artists collaborated with, length of piece or site of exhibition. He prefers work which is created over extended periods, allowing each piece to develop in it's own time, rather than making work over a set time period.

As a solo artist Duncan uses live and recorded sound to create installations exploring memory, the public/private divide and participation in art.  

As a collaborative artist he has created work with Phytology, NOMAD PROJECTS, Day of the Dead Festival London, SHUNT, and Area 10 Project Space.

He is currently working on VOICED, an immersive artwork that explores the cultural heritage of British medicinal plants and a performance at Brighton Fringe Festival.

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